Raffle Secrets

Raffle Secrets – A Complete Guide to Planning and Holding a Winning Raffle

At one time I was like you. I struggled with nonprofit fundraising.

My cause (veterans affairs) could not raise enough money.

At times we held steady. At other times we struggled to get by.

But lately things were worse. Our donations were dropping.

We knew we had to try something different.

Then I read something interesting.

It was an article about a psychological experiment.

Two groups of researchers were selling raffle tickets.

The first group was handing out free cans of Coke to everybody nearby.

The second group only sold the tickets.

You know what? The group handing out Cokes nearly doubled the ticket sales of the other group.

It was a huge success, and it got me thinking.

If something as simple as a can of Coke can double ticket sales, there was more to raffles than I thought.

I realized raffles aren’t just about pulling tickets out of a bowl.

If you have the right strategy, a raffle can be very successful.

But what if I could learn that strategy?

If I could learn the right strategy, our organization could raise more money with less effort.

I decided I wanted to learn how to plan and hold a raffle.

But I wanted to learn how to do it right.

I wanted more than just a raffle. I wanted a strategic, successful, and winning raffle.

I needed the right plan.

The plan had to guide me through the steps, and walk me through the strategy.

So I poked around the internet.

I found some general information.

Nothing too specific. Nothing comprehensive and complete.

I had a friend at another nonprofit. I told her about my raffle idea.

She knew about Raffle Secrets. She had used it herself, and so had her organization.

She pointed me to the website. I went there and found the book.

It had what I was looking for.

It was a complete guide to planning and holding a raffle.

It laid out all the steps.

It promised to take me from start to finish.

I didn’t have to waste any more time figuring out what to do next.

It was all right there in the book. And I could start immediately.

To say that Raffle Secrets helped me is an understatement.

The book literally saved me dozens of hours.

And it showed me things I never would have figured out on my own.

Right away it delivered value.

I learned a lot of practical information.

I learned how to pick the best prizes.

Even better, I learned how to go about getting the prizes donated. Donated prizes! That really boosted the success of our raffle.

I learned how to sell tickets.

Even more, I learned the tricks in how to price tickets.

And I learned how to hold the raffle drawing and report the results.

All through Raffle Secrets.

I didn’t need any other resources. Raffle Secrets took me through the whole process.

It was worth the money, in time savings alone.

Not to mention the great prizes I was able to get.

And of the course the boost in ticket sales.

Raffle Secrets came with a money-back guarantee.

But I didn’t need it. I got far more value than what I paid.

At the end of our raffle, we had earned more than we thought possible.

We were so happy.

Now we are already planning our next raffle.

We have gained the confidence to start thinking bigger.

The goal for our next raffle is to double our previous take.

I think we will do it. And if we do, Raffle Secrets will be a big part of our success.

Raffle Secrets — A Complete Guide to Planning and Holding a Winning Raffle

Holding a successful raffle takes planning and care. That is why we have written Raffle Secrets–to show you how.

We have broken raffles down into a set of steps that anyone can learn.

With Raffle Secrets, you have a  Complete Guide to a Planning and Holding a Winning Raffle

You will learn…

  • How to comply with the laws of your state
  • How to define your raffle goals
  • How to get great raffle prizes
  • How to price tickets to maximize revenue
  • How to print, advertise and publicize your raffle
  • How to build momentum toward your drawing date
  • How to hold the Big Moment–the raffle drawing
  • How to wrap up the event and measure success

To find out more about the organization of the book and the topics covered, we are granting you access to the table of contents and first chapter for free. It will give you a preview into the best way of holding a raffle.

Special Note to Nonprofits in Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, South Carolina and Utah

There are some states where raffles are not legal, even for nonprofits. Those states are Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, South Carolina and Utah.

If your nonprofit is not in one of these states, you are safe. Holding a raffle is legal. International purchasers should check their local laws.

Raffle Secrets is Helping Others

Raffle Secrets is currently helping organizations like yours in Alberta, Arizona, Arkansas, British Columbia, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Special 10x Guarantee 

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with Raffle Secrets for any reason, we will issue you a prompt refund.

Not only that, we guarantee that with Raffle Secretsyou will realize a value of at least $270–ten times the price of the book.

Using what you learn in Raffle Secrets, you will make $270 in additional ticket sales, or acquire $270 worth of free or discounted raffle prizes, or otherwise save at least $270 in planning and holding your raffle. We guarantee it.

This guarantee is in effect for a full 120 days–four months–after the date of purchase. If you don’t reach $270 in gains in four months, feel free to return the book for a full refund.

When Your Purchase Raffle Secrets…

You’ll also get these Three Special Reports:

Bonus #1: 18 Unusual and Amazing Raffles You can Do to Raise Money for Your Cause

This special report uncovers some really creative ways to raise funds with a raffle. Be inspired by these examples in order to create your own, unique one of a kind raffle that will get people excited about winning (and buying lots of tickets!).

Bonus #2: Drive into Fundraising Success with a Car Raffle

This is one of the most popular raffle prizes. No wonder, everyone would love to win a new car! This special report includes several real life examples of groups raffling off a car. These charities raffled off a variety of great cars including a Corvette, Camaro, and a Volvo. You’ll find out how much they charged for tickets and other details about these raffles. Do you want to award a brand new car to one lucky winner in your raffle? Find out how to do this successfully in this bonus report!

Bonus #3: House Raffles – The Big Time Prize

A home raffle is the “top dog” of raffle prizes, with some properties being raffled off that are worth over $1 million. This also be one of the most difficult raffles to pull off successfully. You’ll find out how you can go about getting a house to raffle off. (There are several different ways to do this!) Can your group score a big win with a house raffle? Find out in this special report.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Your cause needs you now.

Every day you don’t take action you are losing an opportunity to raise money for your cause.

Don’t delay.

What to Expect

When you purchase Raffle Secrets, you will have immediate access to download the guide and the three bonus reports in PDF format.

This format can be read on a laptop, PC, iPad, Kindle, Nook and other e-readers. It can also be printed and distributed to multiple members of your organization.

If you have any trouble downloading the documents, just email us at [email protected]. We’ll avoid the fuss of troubleshooting and just email the documents to you directly.

Need Additional Help?

Call us at 312-725-4820 or email us on the contact page or at [email protected]

Please note: This guide is specifically about raising funds for non-profit, charitable organizations. It does not cover raising funds for a business or for individuals. Raffles must benefit a charitable organization. They cannot be used for personal or business income. Consult with all applicable laws before starting a raffle fundraiser. Raffle Secrets includes an entire chapter on legal issues.

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