Raffle Ticket Printing

There are numerous software packages you can purchase and several interactive websites on which you can create your own tickets.

Professional Ticket Printing

Consider going old school and hire a professional print shop to make up the tickets for you.

It’s worth the little extra money to make sure the tickets come out looking top notch. This professional touch will give your group a credibility that your personal bubble-jet just won’t. I’ve made business cards at home before too, but they never look as sharp as when I’ve paid a printer to do them. In addition, if you find a printer that has done up raffle tickets before, they might be able to help you ensure you’ve got everything you need in the right spot!

Make sure the tickets are printed on a heavy-duty card stock, since they may be in the possession of the ticket buyer a while before the drawing occurs. A thicker stock also makes a better impression than a flimsy piece of paper.

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